Charlsea's Thankful Thanksgiving

by Maplelea Staff October 05, 2021 3 min read 9 Comments

Charlsea didn’t know it, but her very thankful story started back in May of Covid-19 2020.  Having no school can be a wonderful thing, but no school for a long time is an awful l-o-n-g time.  Her mom and dad were great at home school teaching.  This year she got to plant her own garden. It was not the usual garden.  It was a garden in a pot, that would grow up into a teepee. 

Doll with garden pots

She planted three kinds of vine plants.  She planted Jumbo sweet Pea, Alaska Peas, and green beans.  She watched them carefully, and made sure they got the right amount of sunlight and water. 


It was so much fun to see everything growing, and then when the vines started crawling outside of the pots, her dad helped her put bamboo sticks in and a net over top.  It did look like a teepee tent with no covering.  The netting was important for the vines, because they send out little feelers that grab onto the netting, pulling the growing vine up higher and higher . 

Bean plant

Everyday Charlsea would go out and check her garden and carefully guide the new little vines who were getting mixed up and going the wrong way.  Everyday she would also make sure each pot got a drink.  She was so happy with her garden that she could not forget to give them water, no not once.


Charlsea thought the best part was when she could now go inside her living green teepee and lay down in the middle.  Oh, it smelled so good and it was so nice and cool on the warmest of summer days.  The sweet peas were beginning to bloom and had such a sweet smelling aroma.

Doll inside planted garden


Then the sad part came.  She went on a staycation holiday and the green peas grew when she was away. 

pea plants

When she got back, they were hanging there all yellow, and hard as can be.  Sadly, she brought them inside.  Her mother smiled and told her that good things can come from these too.  Together they peeled them and lay them out on a cookie sheet to dry out even more.  Next year you can plant your very own pea seeds, her mother told her.  Charlsea still didn’t know it, but there was more great things to come.


There she was, in her garden teepee, when she heard a loud buzzing.  What is that?  She looked all around, trying to see where the sound was coming from.  Then she saw it.  It was a delightful hummingbird.  He absolutely loved her red sweet peas.  After that, Charlsea saw him every day, and he never was afraid of her.  Sometimes he would take a rest and just sit on a branch and watch her.  She thought that was very funny.

 Red sweet pea flower

Then, after a while there were the beans.  They just kept growing and growing.  They were very large. 

 Charlsea doll with her wagon of beans

The sun was becoming more yellow and it was becoming very late summer now.  Grandma and Mom were getting ready to do some canning.  Every year they would can fruits and vegetables to eat during the winter.  This year, when Mom saw Charlsea’s harvest of beans, she said she could join in and can her very own beans.  Charlsea was so very proud.

 bean plants

Now it is Thanksgiving , and all the Woodhouse canning is finished.  There is more then enough canning done for just Charlsea’s family, so the farm stand at the end of their driveway gets all its shelves filled to the brim.  There are canned peaches, and applesauce, and of course Charlsea’s very own beans, pies, and cookies, and fresh grown vegetables, as well as sugar pumpkins and just good old pumpkins for carving. 

fruits and vegetables at farmstand


Charlsea worked hard along with the grown-ups setting up the farm stand looking so deliciously pretty.  Grandma added her very pretty sunflowers. Even the Empress, and Kam and Loops came out to take a look.


Charlsea decided that she was going to spend her Thanksgiving weekend by the farm stand and let people take her canned beans for free.  I am so thankful for so many things, she thought.  I am thankful for my loving family, and my school.  I am glad that my mom and dad could home school me last spring, and I got to grow my own special garden.  I am thankful for really good food to eat …. And, well, I am just brimming over with thankfulness and I just want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving.  This Thanksgiving means a lot to me!

 farmstand with fruits vegetables flowers and farm animals


9 Responses


October 21, 2021

Happy thanksgiving, Charlsea!


October 21, 2021

Loved the story and all the cute photos. Hope there are more great stories to come and learned a lot about sweet peas.

Thea @bluecanoegirls

October 21, 2021

Great little picture story…I especially love the one of Charlsea sitting inside the blossoming green teepee. Love the farm stand too. 💙🛶❤️

Thea @bluecanoegirls

October 21, 2021

Great little picture story…I especially love the one of Charlsea sitting inside the blossoming green teepee. Love the farm stand too. 💙🛶❤️

Mallory Foster

July 11, 2021

Thats so sweet! Charlsea is an Amazing gardener she would get along with my doll Brianne, since she is a farmer!


October 30, 2020

I love this story! I have Charlsea and I love reading stories about her! Keep up the good work! :)


October 19, 2020

I’m loving these stories! My daughter, who is very young, particularly likes to hear tales of her doll-friends.

Carole Cummings

October 14, 2020

What a good learning experience Charlsea got by being with her mom and learned how to grow beans from the start. I like how she found space to get inside the teepee of her beans! Hope she gets an abundance of beans next year to make lots of her own canning. Such a great thanksgiving story.


October 11, 2020

Love the story! super cute.
by the way my sister has Charlsea and i have Taryn. :)

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