Celebrating Taryn's Birthday

by Maplelea Staff October 02, 2020 2 min read 10 Comments

October is Taryn's birthday month! Join us as we share a fantastic photo story from a wonderful Maplelea fan.

Taryn and Charlsea share some things in common.They both love nature, trees, and have tree houses and they are both Canadian, and Canadian Westerners at that! Even though they both are from the West, they do have totally different Canadian landscapes and experiences as they live in two different provinces - Alberta and British Columbia.  

“It’s your birthday month, Taryn, are you excited?" Charlsea asks Taryn. "...actually,  I know you are!" she laughs as she passes through the treehouse door that Taryn so politely holds open for her.  

“I am!” replies Taryn.  “Let's eat our lunch in the treehouse, and I will tell you my big birthday wish and my plans." 

“Oooh... do tell!” says Charlsea, “Oh, and thanks for holding the door for me.”  

The girls settled down inside the treehouse, where all of the best wishes and plans are made.


“Well…" begins Taryn “My big birthday wish is that all children get to grow up playing freely in the healthy wilderness, breathing fresh air, drinking healthy water, making tree houses, watching squirrels, and maybe even getting to see other wildlife as they play. I know that we are lucky as so many children in the world don’t get to play like you and I.  Who knows what kind of a world future children will get to play in."   

“Wow, Taryn, that is deep and important. I think that is such a great wish!”  Charlsea pondered as she munched on her sandwich.  “Is it just a wish or do you think that we can do something about it?”

“Exactly my thoughts," said Taryn "I am going to plan my birthday party in a way that we can honour just that.”  

“How so?”  asked Charlsea. Taryn smiled.  

“That’s why you and I are having this important lunch together in the treehouse….so we can brainstorm together.”

The two sat together having a great discussion and fantastic ideas were coming together…

What environmentally friendly and helpful ideas would YOU plan for Taryn’s birthday party?  Would it be paperless, have healthy foods, provide useful, fun take-home gifts such as a bamboo toothbrushes? Let us know in the comments!


10 Responses


November 22, 2020

This is a great story. Taryn’s birthday wish is so kind. On the next hike that I go on, I will bring a trash bag and pick up any litter that I see!
Love this story. Happy Birthday, Taryn!

Moana Hopkins

October 19, 2020

Happy Birthday, sweet Taryn! From a fellow Albertan, living in the USA. And now my Taryn will be also.

I’m an adult collector, I just purchased Taryn and going to the Post office now to get her! Just in time for her birthday. We will celebrate with real plates and write a letter to the manufacturer of foam plates, asking if they will switch to making biodegradable plates or recyclable plates.

Happy day to all celebrating her birthday.


October 19, 2020

My birthday is inOctober too! And I have brown eyes and brown hair as well.

canada rocks

October 08, 2020

happy birthday Taryn
I hope you have a good birthday.

Carole Cummings

October 06, 2020

Happy Birthday Taryn! I like your tiny sandwiches and your brain storming idea. I would have real dishes for the party. And have the girls decorate their own cupcakes to take home as part of their loot bags. I have done this on my daughters birthdays in April which falls close to Easter and sometimes on Easter weekend. The children had a blast decorating their own cupcakes to take home.


October 04, 2020

I have Taryn by the way. I also think we shouldn’t waste and to use a compost bin and to recycle things.


October 03, 2020

Like Gabriella’s idea. And if we do use paper to CLEAN UP after ourselves and NOT litter.
Happy birthday Taryn!

Heidi Feenstra

March 03, 2020

Taryn is very kind and sweet, I would also like what Gabriella said use reusable cups and dishes instead of disposable ones. PS. my daughter has Taryn .


November 08, 2019

I would use glass cups and dishes instead of disposable ones.

Mrs J

October 16, 2019

Adorable photo story! Happy birthday, Taryn!

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