Maplelea Meet-Up @ Girl Expo Canada 2019!

by Maplelea Staff September 18, 2019 4 min read

Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019

6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga

10am to 4pm

Girl Expo Canada is a one day extravaganza for girls ages 5-12 to celebrate all they are, can do and can become. This one day event will empower girls to discover their potential through workshops, activities, guest speakers and entertainment. This year features a musical performance by Girl Pow-R, author Lisa Dalrympole, sports activities like basketball, soccer, golf, ringette, and a  special appearance by Canadian Gold Olympic Goalie, Sami Jo Small.  Creative Workshops including pasta making, crafts, photo booth and music recording booth!

Come to Girl Expo Canada to learn about new programs, innovative products and fresh ideas, all in one place!


Maplelea Meet-Up:

  • Enter to win a Maplelea Doll
  • See beautiful displays of Maplelea product
  • Meet other Maplelea Fans and Talk with Maplelea Staff
  • Purchase or order Maplelea dolls, accessories and matching clothing.
  • Be a Maplelea Brand Ambassador and earn a free Maplelea shirt for you and your doll
  • Participate in a Maplelea Dance Flash Mob on stage!
  • Have fun exploring all the other activities, displays, demonstrations and presentations put on by Girl Expo and the other participating organisations.

What do Maplelea Ambassadors do?

  • They start off by going to the Maplelea exhibit with their Maplelea doll and backpack to collect the FREE I Heart Maplelea t-shirt for the Ambassador and her doll, and put them on. (Bottoms should be dark pants such as jeans or yoga pants.)
  • Along with their grown-up, the Ambassador enjoys all the activities, events and experiences at the Girl Expo while wearing the pink Maplelea shirt and accompanied by her Maplelea Doll in her Maplelea Backpack.
  • If anyone asks a question about Maplelea, the Ambasador answers it the best she can and/or refers them to the Maplelea exhibit. There is no need to sell anything or approach anyone; it is an Ambassador’s job just be a presence at the Expo with their Maplelea doll.
  • The Ambassador can go on stage to participate in the Maplelea Dance Flash Mob. Two weeks before the Girl Expo, Maplelea will be posting a video of some simple dance moves for our Real Canadian Girl song.  Learn the dance moves as best as possible.  Don’t worry if not everything is memorized as some dancers from Front & Centre Dance Studio will be leading the dance for the Ambassadors to follow along.

 What are the requirements to be a Maplelea Ambassador?

  • You need to be between the ages of 6 and 12, and bring a Maplelea doll, dressed in Maplelea clothing and a Maplelea backpack in which to carry her, all of which must be clean and in good condition. (If necessary to fulfil the requirements, purchases can be made at the Maplelea exhibit.)
  • The Ambassador and her grown-up must be at Girl Expo for at least four hours, starting at 9:30 am. You will probably want to stay longer—there’s lots to do!
  • Ambassadors, and all adults and children coming with them, must pay the regular admission fee of $12 or $44 per family of 4.
Applications must be received by Oct. 13, 2019.

ALSO: If you would like to be a Maplelea Ambassador and already have an I heart Maplelea shirt that you can wear, let us know and we will make arrangements for you to receive some other complimentary product in lieu of the shirt.

How do I apply to be a Maplelea Ambassador?

A grown-up must send an email to with the following information:

  1. Name and age of applicant:
  2. Name of grown-up who will accompany applicant:
  3. Email address to be used for communication:
  4. Which Maplelea doll will be brought to the Girl Expo?
  5. Is the Maplelea Doll and Backpack clean and in good condition, and the doll’s hair neatly brushed or styled?
  6. Will the applicant need to purchase a Maplelea Doll or Backpack at the Girl Expo?
  7. If so, what?
  8. Do the applicant and grown-up agree to be at the Girl Expo for at least four hours, starting at 10am?
  9. What is your shirt size: Small (6), Medium (7/8), Large (9/10) or Extra Large (12)?  You can see the measurements here:
  10. Would the applicant like to participate in the Dance Event on stage? (not compulsory)

Want to be Part of our Dance Flash Mob?

Front & Centre Dance Studio is creating a Flash Mob Dance, just for Maplelea! In the coming days, we will post a video of their students demonstrating the dance to our favourite song - Real Canadian Girl! At the Girl Expo on Oct. 20, at 11am, all Brand Ambassadors who would like to join, can come up on stage and perform our dance together! Don’t worry if you don’t have every detail memorized as the students from the Front & Centre Dance Studio will be there to lead us. And we will perform the whole dance again, a few hours later too! It is going to be a blast!

Can't be in the GTA at that time? We are going to create our own "Real Canadian Girl" music video featuring YOU - our real Canadian Girls from across Canada! We will post more details soon so stay tuned! 


If you don’t want to be an official 'Brand Ambassador' you are still welcome to bring your doll and come, or just come, to enjoy all the other happenings at Girl Expo!

What is Girl Expo Canada? 

Show girls all they are, can do and can become at a one day event filled with activities for them. Join in science and technology workshops, try a new or favourite sport, take art, dance and cooking classes, listen to an author reading, plus shop our amazing marketplace for new and unique ideas! Check out the Girl Expo Website HERE.




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