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by Maplelea Staff September 25, 2020 7 min read 6 Comments

There are so many fun activities you can do at home, you just have to use your imagination. We have compiled a fun list to help you keep active and keep creating!

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At-Home Maplelea Activity Ideas. 

      1. WRITE IN YOUR DOLL'S JOURNAL! Have you filled in your doll's journal yet? Now is a great time to fill in the blanks in the section where you tell your story. You can use the blank pages to write more about your life, or to write stories about your doll. (PS - If you need more blank journal pages, we have some available in the online store!)

      2. PRACTICE YOUR ENGLISH/FRENCH! All Maplelea journals and journal pages are bilingual. Try to practice reading the french portion and see how much you know! Or, if French is your first language, use the English section to practice your English! Are there any words that you don't know? Look them up or ask an adult. Now you know more!

      3. HOLD A MINI OLYMPICS WITH YOUR DOLLS! Dress your dolls up in their sports outfits and have them compete in some different sports. Create your own winner's podium from some shoe boxes, or any items you can find that creates different level heights for your dolls. Hang a Canadian flag (or make your own!). Then you can award medals and flowers to the winners, and give medallions to those who participated. Go Team! (Don't forget to send us your pics!)

      4. ORGANIZE YOUR DOLL'S WARDROBE! It's Spring cleaning time! Put all of the shoes together, hang up everything that you can on hangers. Fold and neatly store whatever you can. Check that you have all the pieces for all your outfits (a list of what came with each outfit, is on the journal page that also came with the outfit). Nice and clean!

      5. BAKE SOME DOLL-SIZED COOKIES!  With grown-up assistance, bake some cookies—regular size ones for you and teeny tiny ones for your doll! Is there a brand new cookie recipe that you've always wanted to try? Let your Maplelea doll watch from a safe distance, and let her decide which one is best! Yummy!

      6. HAVE YOUR MAPLELEA DOLL GO PRETEND TOBOGGANING! You can create a pretend “hill” using pillows and a white sheet.  Be sure to hold your doll steady as she glides down the slope! Wee!  (Shop the toboggan here.) 

      7. EXPLORE YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD! Put your doll in your backpack, and take her for a walk or bike ride with your grown-up. Make sure to maintain a safe distance from any neighbours, but get outside and wander! Count how many houses have fun artwork up in their windows, or have decorated their sidewalks with nice messages, or which ones have Christmas lights up. While you are out, collect sticks and stones to make our campfire craft (Check out the craft here)!

      8. HAVE A TEA PARTY!  What a perfect time for an all-out high tea! Grab your 'Time for Tea Set' for your dolls, and your own favourite cups and saucers. Get dressed up for tea in your favourite outfit, and get all of your dolls to join in. For food; you can cut-up sliced cheeses or meats with tiny cookie cutters if you have them. Challenge yourself to see what snacks you can make doll-sized! Don’t feel like baking? The Maplelea Set to Celebrate has the “cake” already made! Plus all the cutlery, plates and napkins you need for a great tea party or celebration. Cheers!

      9. HAVE A BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR YOUR DOLL!  Whose birthday is next? Make little invitations for your doll to give to her doll friends.  Find small items around the house to use as gifts (or make your own!).  Wrap them up like tiny presents that your doll can open. Don’t forget to make a tiny birthday cake—a cupcake works well for this!  You can also make your own party decorations like a "Happy Birthday" banner. If you decide on a theme for your party, create little decorations in that same theme (ocean-themed, sporty, unicorns...) let your imagination run wild!  

      10. HAVE A FASHION SHOW! Mix and match tops, bottoms and accessories to create fun new outfits.  Lay a scarf down on the carpet to make a runway and have the dolls model their creative fashions. Describe the fashions to the audience as she walks down the runway.

      11. PLAY SCHOOL WITH YOUR DOLLS!  The Maplelea school set comes with so many activities you can play with. Use the mini worksheets and activities from the School Set and teach some lessons, or you can make up your own! What's your favourite subject in school? Teach your Maplelea Girl all about it, and come up with fun doll-sized activity sheets! Class is in!

      12. GIVE YOUR DOLL A NEW HAIR STYLE! Why not try some new hairstyles? Grab your Maplelea brush and some hair elastics, ribbons, bows and hair clips. Check out our hairstyle ideas booklet HERE and see what you can recreate! Or just use your imagination and pretend it's "Crazy Hair Day". Bonus points for creativity. (Don't forget to send us some pics of your creations!)

      13. TEACH YOUR DOLL A GYMNASTICS ROUTINE! Do you know gymnastics? You can use the big booklet that came with the Maplelea gymnastics set to learn some specific skills, or practice them if you already knew them. Teach these skills to your doll. Make up your own new routine and practice it together, then unveil it to your grown-ups when you have perfected it!  

      14. SET UP SOME SCENES WITH YOUR MAPLELEA DOLLS, PHOTOGRAPH THEM! with a parent's permission, these can be posted on the on the Maplelea Canadian Girl Dolls Fan Group page on Facebook.  Or you can send them to  Your photo may be featured on our website or in our social media!

      15. MAKE SOME CLOTHES OR ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR DOLL!  Do you have an adult around who can teach you how to knit, crochet or sew? If there is a knowledgeable grown-up in our house, great! If not, ask your adult if you can video chat with a relative or friend who knows how to crochet or knit, and ask them to teach you! Then, try to take this new skill and make something for your doll.

      16. WRITE A PLAY STARRING YOUR MAPLELEA DOLLS!  Channel your inner playwright! Do you have a great story to tell? Jot down your basic idea and plot points, then add your dialogue, some stage direction, and voila! Stuck for some ideas? Possible themes could be; “The Lost Puppy”, “Canadian Girl to the Rescue!”, “The Surprise Party”,  “Maplelea Girl helps a neighbour”.  Or, read your doll’s journal to be inspired to create an interesting story about her life. Maybe you can even turn your play into a stop-action movie.  with a parent's permission, send us your finished product! 

      17. TAKE YOUR DOLL ON AN IMAGINARY CAMPING TRIP!  Use her tent and sleeping bag.  Toast marshmallows over the campfire craft you made (click here for instructions).  You can sing campfire songs, and tell stories with a flashlight and the lights out. Create your own starry sky projector by poking lots of holes into a plain sheet of paper or construction paper with a toothpick. Place the paper (or you may need a 2-3 hole-poked papers) over an open shoebox, small box or Maplelea doll box. You may need to tape the papers together to cover the opening. Place a small flashlight inside the box, pointing up, or an adult's smart phone with the flashlight setting turned on, and pointed upward, then cover the box with your paper. Ta-da! You have your own starry campfire night sky! 

      18. PRACTICE YOUR MUSIC OR LEARN A NEW INSTRUMENT! Do you have an instrument that you play? Get practicing, learn a new song, or why not try to write your own? You can set up your doll with her guitar and music book to practice music while your practice your own music lessons. Does your family have any instruments around the house that you haven't tried before? Why not try to learn it yourself? Ask an adult to search for a lesson online for you to print out, or watch a video and follow along. Then, let your dolls be your audience and put on a performance! 

      19. TRY CURLING! Try one of Canada's favourite pass-times! Have your dolls challenge each other with the Maplelea curling set! 

      20. GET ACTIVE!  Use this time at home to try some new exercises! There are so many online resources to help you get active. You can try yoga for kids, Cosmic Kids Yoga is a great option, or ask your grown-up if they have an exercise DVD you could try. Get yourself and your doll into some exercise clothes and do your own workout! Make your own moves and invite your grown-up to join in.  Or try a kids dance party, just do a youtube search. Don’t forget to tie your doll’s hair back with a scrunchie or elastic so it doesn’t get too messy.

      21. SHOW YOUR DOLL HOW TO PROPERLY WASH HER HANDS!  What song will you sing?  Happy birthday 2 times over is a good place to start, but you can find a better one! Be careful to not get water in your doll’s eyes.

      22. READ A STORY TO YOUR DOLL!Has your doll heard your favourite bedtime story yet? Or have you got a  new book to read? Read a story out loud to your doll and be sure to put lots of expression in your voice. It's a great way to practice reading skills!

      23. COLOUR!  Colouring is such a fun activity anytime. Pick your favourite colouring book and grab your crayons or pencil crayons or markers and colour up a masterpiece! Print off some colouring sheets from Maplelea HERE, and colour them in. We will be adding new colouring sheets regularly. Don't forget to send us a photo! 

      24. YOU AS A MAPLELEA DOLL! We want to see YOU as a Maplelea Doll! Use this sheetto design your Maplelea Doll, and submit to us so we can post it for the world to see! Get creative and join in! 

      25. MAKE A PAPER MACHE EARTH! In honour of earth day or your love of the earth every day, create a fun globe by following the steps on our blog post here.

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Josie Amara laonie and Willa

October 21, 2021

have an idea make a story/movie with your doll


October 05, 2021

Do you have more? Great idea!!!


February 09, 2021

do you have any more cause those were great – thanks!!!!!!!!!!


November 22, 2020

I really enjoyed making cookies with my mom,sisters and my doll Gabrielle


June 30, 2020

I love all of the ideas I now know many more creative ideas to play with Gracie (KMF18)!!!🙂

Thea C

April 30, 2020

What a great list of ideas ..a wealth of things to choose from to kick-start imaginative play – which naturally offers positive learning opportunities.

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