2021 Family Model Search

by Kathryn Morton June 23, 2021 3 min read

It's a family affair! How much fun would it be to do a Maplelea photo shoot with your whole family in matching pyjamas, from oldest to youngest?

This year, to photograph our new and existing pyjamas, we need FOUR Maplelea families to be our models! Woah!


Four different Canadian families who are proud to represent the Maplelea brand. Moms, dads, toddlers, teenagers, grandparents, brothers, sisters…whoever you consider to be your family.

In order to show off the range of PJ sizes, three of the families selected to model need to be comprised of 4 or more people and include at least one girl between the ages of 6 and 12. 

For one of our Maplelea families, we are looking to showcase 3 generations of girls—grandma, mom and daughter(s), one of whom must be a girl between the ages of 6 and 12. 

We want to show the diversity of Canada! We strongly encourage families showing diversity to apply—diversity of appearance, abilities and more!


This year the photography shoots will be done in the beautiful NIAGARA REGION, specifically in Dunnville, Ontario and/or Newmarket, ON.  There will be four time slots available:

MONDAY JULY 26​, TUESDAY JULY 27, TUESDAY AUGUST 3 and WEDNESDAY AUGUST 4. All slots can be either the daytime or the evening. Indicate what times work best for you when you apply.

Each Photo Shoot will last approximately 2 hours.  We will be taking both group and individual shots during this time.

All applicable COVID-19 protocols in effect at the time will be strictly observed!


1. Take or select 3-5 recent photos of your family.  At least one photo must have all family members together in one shot. Professional photos are NOT required.  Phone photos are perfectly fine!

2. Compose an email to submissions@maplelea.com with the following info:

  • Contact person’s name (Adult)
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Family Information: List the family members from oldest to youngest, noting the ages of the children. Please also indicate everyone’s height. (Height is required to ensure the Maplelea PJs will fit properly on our models.)
  • Photos: Please indicate the date each photo was taken, if it wasn’t taken in the past month.
  • Availability: Indicate if there are any of the dates and/or locations for which you are NOT available.
  • Why? Tell us why your family is interested in representing Maplelea!

3. Attach your selected photos to the email.

4. In the email subject line, please include “Family Model Application - _______________ Family” (input your family surname in the blank.) 

5. Send your email to submissions@maplelea.com.  This must be submitted by MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY JULY 11th, 2021.  We plan to make a decision by the end of the day on Tuesday, July 13th, 2021. 

Please do not submit applications in any way other than by emailing submissions@maplelea.com. 

  1. Maplelea will select 4 families based on their submitted photos, application and availability. The families will not be required to attend a casting call.

  2. Each family completing a modelling session will receive a $300 Maplelea Store Credit via email at the end of the Photo Shoot. There will be no further compensation unless retained to model again for Maplelea at another time.  Oh, and you can also have a small stack of catalogues to autograph for family and friends!  😊

  3. Applications not accepted for this Photo Shoot will be kept on file for 12 months.  One or more families may be contacted later if a future need arises for a family to model for Maplelea.
  1. Maplelea will have the right to use your first names publicly with the photo, along with a general geographic description.  Ie. Family pyjamas are modelled by Neal, Chris, Riley, Taylor and Jordan of London,ON, or Modelled by ……. of Durham Region, ON. You can choose how your location is identified.
  2. Photos taken in Maplelea’s Photo Shoot may be used for any and all purposes by Maplelea (Avonlea Traditions Inc.) including, but not limited to, digital and print advertisements and editorial.
  3. Photos taken of models at a Photo Shoot may be used an unlimited number of times by Avonlea Traditions Inc., in perpetuity, without further compensation.
  4. There is no guarantee that a model’s photo will be used by Maplelea, even if participated in a photo shoot.
  5. The selection of models and photographs used for publication are at the sole discretion of Maplelea.  
  6. By submitting your application and photos to Maplelea, you agree to these terms. 

​The deadline is Sunday July 11th, so get snapping and send in your application today!

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