What Others Are Saying About Us

Customer Testimonials

"I bought a Taryn doll and several outfits for our daughter for Christmas. I have to tell you that I was VERY impressed with the quality of everything from the packaging, the clothing, to the doll itself. My daughter hasn't stopped playing with her since Christmas, changing her outfit at least once daily. And I haven't stopped bragging about how beautiful she is, and how impressed I am with everything. Well worth the money, Taryn is one of the toys my daughter will be able to pass down to her children."

A.G-D, Alexandria, Ontario.

"The Alexi doll and clothing we purchased recently are gorgeous! My 8-year old daughter was so thrilled to get them on Christmas morning."
M.H., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

"Dear Maplelea Company,
We really, really love playing with our Maplelea Girls...We adore your dolls."
M.M. and W.M., Chelsea, Quebec.

"Hi, thanks for the update and the order that arrived. Thanks also to Mindy for her help on the phone to sort out that we actually had 2 separate shipments. We look forward to the next one as the first is just perfect! I appreciate the direct and honest way you handled your explanation about unavoidable delays as well as the discreet message you left in case little ears were listening (they were!). It is obvious that we are dealing with a caring and professional company."
L.W., Orono, Ontario.

"I have received my package and the stuff is absolutely beautiful. You have an amazing product."
N.M., Mississauga, Ontario

"My daughter's face told it all. Bless you folks for making these dolls available to the Canadian market. Thanks again for a quality product, reasonable price and prompt service."
R. and E. M., Merritt, British Columbia.

"Dear Maplelea Company,
Jenna has been the best doll since I was a baby. You make the best dolls in the universe. My grama made Jenna a flower girl dress. I love Jenna. Love N.M."
N.M., Canada.

"My girls LOVE their Maplelea Girls! Such adventures we have had!! The photos we are submitting will prove it!! I only wish I had a camera on all occasions that the girls get their dolls out! From hiking to biking to going on adventures at the playpark or helping out with gardening, my girls and the Maplelea Girls find fun in all that they do. They even accompany the family to the ice cream store or whatever activity we're up to, seat belts on and away we go!! We are heading out to the Atlantic Provinces this summer and the girls have already asked if Jenna and Taryn can come along!! With Maplelea bathing suits arriving for their birthdays, I'm sure we will ALL pack up for summer holidays!!"
L.B., Woodstock, Ontario. 

"Our girls love their dolls! Thank you for the attention to detail on them, and the excellent journals."
C.G., Toronto, Ontario.

"We just love your dolls. What a great idea for young girls."
A.D-T., Nelson, British Columbia.

"I recently received a Maplelea catalogue with an issue of my daughter's Chirp magazine. After looking through it, I must say I was truly impressed. I applaud the values of your company, making a Canadian doll for Canadian girls who do not promote all the glitz and glamour of a grown up world they are not ready for. I am preparing for Christmas and can hardly wait to see the look on my daughter's face when se sees her new doll, Brianne. Best wishes for future success of Maplelea dolls."
H.S., King City, Ontario.

"My daughter received Alexi for Christmas from Santa and was absolutely delighted! I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the doll and the clothes that (my daughter) purchased with her Christmas money. She is completely in love with her new friend and I am delighted that, just having turned 8, she is enchanted with a toy so perfect for her age. Thank you for your time, for such an unbelievably gorgeous doll, and for making my daughter's Christmas so wonderful!"
S.W., Toronto, Ontario.

"My girls love their Maplelea Dolls as they were the highlight of their Christmas gifts!!! Lots of gleeful screaming!!! Could have used some ear plugs!!!"
B.P., Dalmeny, Saskatchewan

"I am sending you my granddaughter's doll, Jenna, for a visit to the Maplelea Spa. As you can see, Jenna had an accident by sitting too close to a hot craft lamp. We thank you for using wonderfully flame retardant materials in your dolls. This could have been a tragedy, but Jenna was found in time and was not too badly damaged."
N.H., Ottawa Ontario.

"I would like to thank you for your personal attention regarding the arrival of the Maplelea dolls before Christmas. My daughters are absolutely thrilled with Alexi and Taryn. They play with them and dress them and sleep with them. (My 8 year-old daughter) hasn't played with a doll since she was three. It's awesome to see her read and complete the journal and carry Alexi around with pride. My younger daughter is still too young for the journal but loves Taryn more than the other gifts she received for Christmas. They have been bringing them everywhere and have received numerous compliments from friends and even complete strangers."
C.F., Welland, Ontario.

"Please pass this message on to Robyn who went above and beyond the call of duty to follow up on both my orders. The order arrived before 5 on the 23rd as promised. My daughter was absolutely delighted. She played with Taryn and her new clothes Christmas afternoon completely ignoring all the other new games and gifts she had received in the morning. Thank you for following up with me. It made our Christmas!"
M.D., Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

"I am writing to place an order... I would also like to express my sincere pleasure in your doll line. We are big fans of the American Girl dolls and were so surprised when we tried the Maplelea dolls. We find your quality stunning compared to your competitors. They are truly very special keepsake toys. You have definitely made some friends to the South."
L.H., Springfield, Virginia, USA.

"Taryn arrived today. Fabulous service. I am very impressed."
V.C., Picton, Ontario.

"I received my order in time for Christmas and I thank you very much. My daughter absolutely loves her Brianne doll. The two have not been apart since Christmas morning."
E.F., Mississauga, Ontario.

"Thanks for all your efforts! Received the dolls and clothes yesterday and they are wonderful!"
M.Z., Oshawa, Ontario.

"I love Taryn so much! She is the only doll I ever treated real and don't get bored with after awhile!"
T.L., Canada.

"My 10 year-old daughter has had so much enjoyment with Taryn. She carries her everywhere, and people often stop to ask her about her doll. I have found that over the past year people no longer ask "Is that an American Doll", but they recognize her and ask "Is that a Maplelea Doll?" (She) has studied Taryn's diary front to back. Thank you for creating such a wonderful doll that will form terrific memories for my daughter."
L.R., Bond Head, Ontario.

"Dear Maplelea,  My Maplelea catalogue is falling apart. Could you please send me another one?
PS Taryn is the best! So are her clothes! I don't play with dolls much but I'm crazy about Taryn!"
M.C., St. John, New Brunswick.

"Hi, My name is E___. I am 12 years old and I have a Jenna doll. I got her just after I turned 12. I like her because she is smart, athletic and she is pretty (without being a curvy stick figure with poofy lips). Anyway, I will get right to the point. I really like your clothes for Jenna but I do have 3 suggestions that I hope will be of some help... (The letter goes on to detail several ideas for new clothing items, which are always appreciated!)...Thanks for reading this very long letter of mine. I really love Maplelea products. They give me and other children everywhere best friends who will always be there and listen to us."
E.M., Burlington, Ontario.

"...this is a compliment on the wonderful experience my daughter has had since she got her doll for Christmas. She absolutely loves her and she goes everywhere with her. Brianne is her best friend, one she shares secrets with, shares fun activities, etc."
B.F., Mississauga, Ontario.