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Taryn comes ready for outdoor adventure in her colourful butterfly print shirt, her khaki skirt with buckle closure, funky striped socks and her oh-so-comfortable hiking boots. Taryn has a light complexion with brown eyes and long brown hair which is held back with a tiny leaf hair clip.


This premium quality doll is 46cm (18 inches) tall with a soft, huggable body and poseable arms and legs. Her eyes open and close.

Her 6-ring expandable 64-page story journal has 32 pages written and illustrated by Taryn and 32 pages with questions, prompts and blanks for you to write in! (And then, the whole journal is repeated in French).


The doll and journal arrive in a beautiful, sturdy keepsake storage box that you can use to keep all Taryn's treasures.

Expected in-stock date: July 14, 2017

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  • Taryn doll
  • butterfly t-shirt
  • khaki skirt
  • striped socks
  • hiking boots
  • hair clip
  • journal
  • keepsake storage box

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December 13, 2016


i love this doll she is the best doll ever


November 16, 2016


Taryn joined our family for my daughter's 7th birthday. She is lovely, Her hair is incredibly beautiful and easy to style. The quality is amazing. Well done Maplelea!

Super sweet doll

June 22, 2016


Taryn looks a lot like our daughter, and is a great choice for any west coast or outdoorsy girl who loves nature and animals. Maplelea is great to deal with- their attention to detail, not just with the doll, but in terms of the beautiful packaging, mail correspondence, and support if you need call them- it's all there. And the quality of the doll and the outfits we've bought are excellent- my daughter saves her allowance now to buy clothes, sleeping bags, etc... it's pretty cute. I can see Taryn lasting a long time and through many adventures.

long lasting friend

April 17, 2016


I think it's been 3 years since I revived my maplelea doll. I remember my mom came at recess to show me and I was so happy. She has been through so many adventures. My best friend has Alexi and Saila sadly she has moved an hour away and we don't get to play as much. But when we did play they were cousins and we went camping, hang gliding, school, bus rides, and much more. I think the worst thing that has ever happened to taryn is when we were coming back from a trip to British Columbia and my big brother got sick and just missed taryn by an inch. I almost had a heart attack! Taryn now has 2 maplelea sisters and 2 My Life sisters and a Journey girl sister. I love them all equally but I think because taryn was my very first doll she has a special place in my heart. I know she is only a doll but it really make a small adventure big when you have a life long buddy by your side. I hope maplelea is around when I have kids. I hope they will have as much fun as I do. I'm 11 I am getting older my birthday is in 51 days ( just checked an hour ago). I named my other two maplelea dolls Brooke and Paris. Overall I think maplelea is THE BEST doll store in the WORLD and I define try recommend taryn Brady!

She is super cute

March 17, 2016


I bought this doll for my daughter 3 Christmas ago now, Taryn was her first "big girl doll" and we all love her. Her wig is amazing, we do have other dolls too now but Taryn's wig is by far the best of them all. She went everywhere with my daughter and after years of playing she still looks like new. I don't find her expansive compared to many other companies that sell dolls, she is great quality and super durable and adorable. She is still my daughter's favourite doll and I totally reccomand her.


March 13, 2016

Nicer UP


Great doll

March 13, 2016


So we purchased Taryn at the meeting up in London Ontario. My daughter just feel in love with her. Her hair is beautiful! Her brown eys are beautiful. strongly recommend. Also purchased the cow girl outfit as my daughter would call it. Great purchase!

BEAUTIFUL Premium quality doll!

March 9, 2016


I purchased this doll for my daughter and received her yesterday; super fast shipping by the way! Quite pleased with that!  and I have to say, I just love her! It’s true what I’ve always heard; that pictures don’t do her any justice she’s far more stunning in person!!! She has beautiful soft long hair that is great for styling in many ways. She truly is premium quality and the price is pretty reasonable for this superb quality doll. I am a huge fan of her collection because it is all amazing quality and super detailed and realistic. Overall I would highly recommend Taryn and all of the Maplelea dolls & accessories.
just so detailed and adorable! I’m proud to support Maplelea such a fantastic Canadian Company! And my daughter is really enjoying her beautiful new do as well !!

We love Taryn

February 15, 2016


I love Taryn so much. I love that she looks exactly like me. Her clothes are easy to put on. Her face is so pretty. Her arms and legs move easily to play with. I like to play gymnastics with her. I like the clothes she came with except I don't really like her skirt because it's too plain. I love her boots. Her hair does get messy so I keep it in braids. She is the bestest doll in the world.
Jordyn Age 6.

Amazing Doll!

January 15, 2016


I received Taryn about a year ago for Christmas and I am still in love with her. She has the best quality! Her hair is very smooth and easy to brush. The outfit she comes in is adorable and easy to put on. Her skin, body, and hair is very high quality and I overall recommend this doll for anyone! :)

Love her!

January 9, 2016


I've had Taryn for about 4 years now and she's still in great condition! I've grown out a bit of playing with dolls, but I still enjoy dressing her up for special occasions/ according to the seasons and have her on display in my room.

Taryn is the best doll EVER!

January 3, 2016


I just got Taryn for Christmas and I love her soo much, we do everything together. True she is very expensive but she is totally worth it! Taryn is such hight quality and so much fun to play with, she's the friend that is never to busy to play with you and you can tell her all your secrets and she will never tell anyone. To the Mom that started this whole company I just want to say 'YOU GO GIRL!!!!' The fact that you made these dolls so that girls like me could have a doll that did not look like a pageant Queen is awesome and thats why I love Taryn and appreciate her so much. I hope to travel lots with her and keep her so I can give her to my children when I m older.

Thanks for starting this thing

Sincerly, Saila

Smiles for Christmas

December 31, 2015


Santa gave my Granddaughter Taryn for Christmas. She loves her and won't leave her behind. Goes everywhere with her.

She needs new clothes

December 23, 2015


She needs new clothes she looks like she shops at forever 65

Awesome to play with!

December 23, 2015

Kitty Cat

This is a great doll! I can't wait to get another Maplelea doll! Taryn and I enjoy playing together and going on adventures.


December 22, 2015


my 8 year old daughter received this doll as a birthday present and Taryn is beautiful. her hair is soft and brushes easily. the clothing is well made and her face is so stunning. when we take her places , people actually stop us to ask us what type of doll she is , we are proud to tell them about Maplelea dolls. well worth the money as this will be an heirloom.

super awesome doll

December 9, 2015


Love this doll!
Great quality! Can't think of anything bad about her. Keep making maplelea dolls that are great quality


December 9, 2015


I have had her for 6 years and shes still in good condition. As long as you take care of her she stays in good condition. The price is a little steep thought.. Her hair does thin out, but as long as you don't brush too hard it should be not to bad. Her eyes have slightly sunken in but not nothing that looks bad.

just wonderful

November 30, 2015


taryn is the best doll (exept all dolls) like EVER

i love taryn just by looking at her!

November 26, 2015


that doll is great! i love her! thanks!

Great quality and accesories

November 8, 2015


I purchased this doll a few years ago, and I have loved her ever since. She has beautiful long hair that is great for styling in many ways. She is good quality and the price is pretty reasonable for an adorable representative of Banff. I am a huge fan of her collection because it is all amazing quality and super realistic. Overall I would recommend Taryn and her accessories.

Very good

October 29, 2015


I am 10 and I still couldn't resist saving up to get her

Beautiful Doll

October 26, 2015


I bought Taryn for my daughter's 6th birthday. She was so happy to have it and has been packing it around all over ever since. We had a lot of fun deciding which outfits to buy with her birthday money and have already planned future purchases. I like this doll so much, I want to buy one for myself!


October 22, 2015


Taryn is a beautiful doll. Her facial features are stunning, her hair is soft and shiny, she is always a conversation starter when we take her places. People often ask what doll brand she is. Well worth the money.


October 16, 2015


I got this doll on christmas when I was like 7. Im 14 now. I loved this doll so much I took it everywhere and even saved all my tooth fairy money and lemonade stand money to buy clothes and accessories. I got all the things for Taryn with my parents help and took her everywhere. School, camping, even to friends houses sometimes. It kept me entertained for years.

I Love Her

September 18, 2015


Taryn is an amazing quality doll, I've had her for almost 4 years and she is still in perfect condition. I often braid her hair. She is the best doll I've ever had. I'm 13 and I still play with her.

Great doll

September 7, 2015


I love Taryn because she is fun to play with and I love her.

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