School Set

School Set

Item #KM137

The Maplelea School Set has been thoughtfully designed to provide hours of interactive and educational fun for you and your dolls. Take turns playing ‘teacher’ and work your way through the all-Canadian curriculum using the magnetic activities and worksheets provided.

Create a welcoming environment for your students by crafting a daily ‘Welcome’ message for your school marquee and customizing your classroom decorations.

Make sure to tidy your classroom at the end of the day by putting your worksheets, folders and activities away in the cabinets, recycling and waste receptacles provided.

The cabinets fit neatly into the built-in storage slots, and you can stow your Maplelea School Set in the fabric carry bag so it’s ready to travel with you and your Maplelea Girls and Friends wherever you go!


Shown with KM136 School Desk and Locker Set.


Check out our new video showing all the great pieces included with this School Set.


  • Everything EXCEPT the School Desk and Locker and the dolls.

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Awesome set!

February 12, 2017


Looks like real school. I love the work sheets. Well done Maplelea!

This is a great set to play with. My friend has it and I always play with it

November 26, 2016

White paws

My friend has this and when I go to her house I always play with it . This is a great set to play around with.


November 20, 2016


i don't have it but it looks really nice

looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 9, 2016


i don`t have it but it looks really fun and awesome i really want it!


May 29, 2016


This set is totally worth buying.You can actually learn stuff and do a lot of fun stuff with this set. 5 stars!

LOVE it!

October 31, 2015


I have this set and I love it! I have learned so much from it! It is very good quality. It is educational, but at the same time it is a very fun piece. It comes with a lot of accessories, and I would definitely rate this set 5 stars!

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