Product Features

Product Features

Maplelea is a distinctively Canadian play experience featuring a collection of premium dolls that celebrate our country’s spirit and identity. Our product line includes Maplelea Girls, Maplelea Friends, story journals, doll and girl-size clothing, furniture, and other accessories.

Maplelea Girls

The Maplelea Girls are from a variety of different regions of Canada, including the Gulf Islands, the Rockies, the prairies, urban Ontario, Atlantic Canada, northern Canada, and Quebec. Each character has a distinct personality, strong values, interesting hobbies, and empowering stories to tell.

All of the Maplelea Girls come with a starter outfit and a 64-page 6-ring expandable journal that includes the life story of the character as well as a set of pages to both expand their doll’s story, and to tell their own. The Canadian-themed dolls and journal pages help girls learn about Canada’s culture, heritage and geography. They are written at a young girl’s level and often from the character’s perspective. Each doll comes with both a French and English version of the journal. Saila’s journal also includes a third version written in the Inuit language of Inuktitut.

Maplelea Friends

For girls who wish to create their own unique Maplelea character, we offer the Maplelea Friends—a selection of 27 dolls with different hair, skin, and eye colours. Maplelea Friends come with a starter outfit, and a blank journal full of questions, prompts and blanks to inspire girls to create their own unique Maplelea character.

Outfits and Accessories

An assortment of beautifully detailed clothing and accessories has been designed for each Maplelea Girl that reflects her interests, lifestyle and personal fashion sense. Additional clothing and outfits can be used to customize the story of any Maplelea Girl or Friend as each piece or set comes with a new journal page. Furniture, bedding, pets, sportswear, seasonal wear, festive clothing, pajamas, activity sets, and more will enhance the learning and fun.

Many of the outfits and journal pages have a distinctive Canadian flair and new items are released seasonally. While some of the outfits are designed with a specific Maplelea Girl in mind, all clothing is suitable for all Maplelea dolls.

Maplelea Fans

Clothing for Girls

Real girls can dress like their dolls by ordering matching pajamas, slippers, T-shirts, or hoodies in real girl sizes. If you are purchasing a clothing item for a girl, and are unsure which size is appropriate, we have included sizing charts on each product page to use as a guideline.

Technical Specs

Maplelea dolls are designed with exceptional craftsmanship and detail. The doll’s face, arms and legs have been sculpted to accurately reflect a real 10 or 11 year old girl. Their hands can hold a variety of objects, their hair is realistic and easy to style, and their feet are flat, enabling each doll to “stand on her own two feet”. Ball joints at the hips and shoulders provide a range of motion, and soft torsos make the dolls comfortable to hold. The head turns at the neck and the eyes open and close. The detail in the clothing and accessories is unparalleled—the pockets are real, the jackets and coats are lined, seam edges are finished and the fabrics and designs are fashionable, authentic, and durable.

Safety and Environmental Standards

Our product development team is made up of eco-friendly, safety conscious parents. Our products conform to ASTM certification, the international safety standard for toys, as well as the Canadian Hazardous Products Act. We use non-toxic materials and do rigorous and regular testing during the development phase, and as products arrive in our warehouse. We also take extra measures to reduce packaging wherever possible. Please note that Maplelea Girl products are NOT suitable for children under three years due to choking hazards presented by small parts.


In order to provide the best value to our customers, Maplelea products are only sold direct-to-consumer via the Maplelea website, by phone at 1-800-668-4339, or by mail order catalogue. Maplelea products are not available in stores, though our warehouse is open for pick-up orders. We also offer select Maplelea products through for the convenience of our American customers.

Special Events, Offers, and Contests

We hold an annual photo contest and a model search each spring. We also host special Maplelea meet-ups in the Toronto area. We encourage families and friends to organize their own Maplelea events as well! To learn about upcoming events, contests and offers, sign up for our newsletter, subscribe to the Maplelea Blog, and follow our social media accounts for details.