Backpack for Girls

Backpack for Girls

Item #KM10

This girl-sized backpack has been designed specially to carry your Maplelea Girl and lots of accessories. In addition to the doll pocket, there are pockets on the outside and inside, including special ones designed for the Maplelea Journal and Brush. Made of very durable fabric and construction methods.


The backpack is 47 cm (18.5") long x 29 cm (11.5") wide. 


  • backpack for Girls

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February 12, 2017


Awesome bag. Doll Fits perfectly inside bag.


February 6, 2017


Very well made, plenty of room for feet including snow boots, I think Maplelea must have improved on this. Love the new elastic V strap to fasten doll in with one button, simpler is better in my books! Bravo Maplelea you have put out a quality item at an affordable price. Thank you.


January 2, 2017


The backpack makes it easier to carry your doll and has a lot of room for outfits and accessories!!! Great job for making it! 5 stars!!!!!


September 22, 2016


I would love if you could make room for her feet they don't fit. Everything else is great!

its fantastic for peple who want to bring your doll anywhere

August 24, 2016

maplelea fan

I think its fantastic because you can bring it basically anywhere and for me it would be awesome cause I have a doll named Jenna and I can finally take her somewhere without holding her in my hands which is tiring.


August 6, 2016


I love it!

best product ever

May 26, 2016

Maplelea Freak

We are getting me one for my 11 birthday, and we LOVE this product, I'll be more productive with my doll now because of that thanks Maplelea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sleep Over

May 6, 2016


I Love It Because When I Go To A SleepOver I Can Bring My Girl Too.


April 7, 2016


I just simply love this backpack. It can hold a lot of stuff and is more Canadian too.


March 16, 2016


I love it! I like to bring my doll with me all the time.The one thing that would fix is to make it easier to put the doll in the pouch.


March 8, 2016


I use my dolls bag for me to I was going on a hike so I decided to use her bag so me and her could go on a hike


February 10, 2016


Love it only thing i wold change is that rubber boots don't fit


January 5, 2016

Doll Lover

I love how the doll can fit in and have all her accessories!


December 28, 2015

Rose Budd

The Maplelea back pack is great for holding your Doll and all her accessories, it even has a special spot for the Maplelea brush!

Very good

December 26, 2015


Such a great backpack design for dolls. Easy to put in and doll stays put with lots of storage place for everything.

Loads of Room for all her gear!

December 3, 2015


My daughter loves taking her doll with her and this backpack is fantastic! My only complaint is there is no room for her toes. The pocket where the doll goes is flat all the way down, it doesn't bubble out at the bottom where her toes stick out. If the bag was full (and it always is!) it was hard to get the doll in too so we cut a hole in the bottom. I'm pretty good with needle and thread so it looks almost like it supposed to be like that. Even with this I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting the backpack!!!

amazing backpack

October 26, 2015


this backpack has everything i need to go hiking

very useful

October 22, 2015


This backpack is great! It is so sturdy and nicely made from quality materials. It's comfortable for girls to wear for several hours, as the shoulder straps are padded. Lots of pockets to carry loads of clothes and accessories for your doll. We took it camping with us, and my daughter packed in a week's worth of doll stuff and kept it safe and organized. A great investment!

Very good

September 29, 2015


Doll fits perfect! Easy to put in but won't fall out. I highly recommend this product.

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