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Léonie always likes to look her best and takes particular care to co-ordinate her outfits. She comes wearing a detailed soft knit top, a skirt made of a printed and embroidered fabric and dressy red boots. Her beautiful side-parted hair is honey brown and her eyes are hazel.


This premium quality doll is 46cm (18 inches) tall with a soft, huggable body and poseable arms and legs. Her eyes open and close.


Her 64-page story journal expands to include the extra journal pages that come with each outfit, all of which are bilingual and includes questions, blanks and prompts so you can tell your story too. (And then, the whole journal is repeated in French).


Everything is enclosed in a sturdy keepsake storage box that you can use to hold all of Léonie's accessories.

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  • Léonie doll
  • knit top
  • skirt
  • boots
  • keepsake storage box
  • story journal

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Awesome doll

February 13, 2017


Super cute! Her hair looks exactly like mine and she is super pretty. I love her story and her clothes are great quality. Awesome doll

Gorgeous doll, beautiful eyes and amazing hair!

January 30, 2017


Léonie is so beautiful! I love her very long and full hair!! Her eyes are stunning!! I love that hazel color! I love that she has a different face mold, which makes her very unique. I love her skin color too. She has a golden skin tone, and it makes her even more special! I love Léonie so much!!

Love at first sight

November 16, 2016


Santa brought Leonie to our daughter for Christmas last year. She looks exactly like our daughter and it was love at first sight. She has accompanied our family on vacation several times. we especially enjoyed touring Quebec city this past summer with Leonie. Beautiful face and her clothes are top quality.

Nice quality, medium complexion

November 12, 2016

A mom

Leonie and Taryn joined our family three years ago. My daughters have adored playing with their Maplelea dolls and expanding their wardrobes.
Perhaps this is embedded in the description somewhere, but I was initially surprised to see that Taryn and Leonie have different skin tones. My daughter still asks me why Leonie has a tan. I was told by a Maplelea rep that Leonie is a darker complexion in line with her fictional history of having Metis ancestry. While this makes sense, I had anticipated that she would have light skin, like Brianne or Taryn or a blond Maplelea friends doll. This is a heads up in case you are expecting the same!

I always recommend Maplelea products to friends interested in 18inch dolls :)

this doll is awsome!!!!!

September 13, 2016


Wow! Leonie has lived in this house for 6 or so years, has been on a trip to Quebec and several parties. She is still perfect. This doll is well made and amazing.
She was an important friend when i changed schools in grade 1. So far she and Taryn are good friends. .


September 11, 2016


Léonie is such a nice doll. Her hazel eyes, dirty blond hair and her outfit makes her a wonderful doll. The cherry printed skirt is super adorable and the shirt looks nice on her but when its not on the doll, it doesn't look good and lastly the boots are wonderful too. Fun fact about my dolls: All of my first 3 dolls: Brianne, Charlsea and Léonie come with boots.;) 5 stars!:)


September 1, 2016


She is so cute. Love the hair. Great quality!

Léonie is the best doll out of the 3 that I have

March 28, 2016


Léonie is the best doll you could ever imagine, I have 3 but I think she is the best out of them all. Léonie looks perfect in any outfit and her hair is so easy to brush

Very pretty

March 19, 2016


I think you should get her today because she really pretty if you live in Canada because I think she is pretty so I am sure you will think she is pretty.


March 16, 2016


Leonie was the first doll we purchased. Janelle just fell in love with her. Her hair is great to work with. Great quality. Strongly recommend her.


March 9, 2016


My Leonie doll ( renamed Whimsy ) is very pretty. Her face mold is wonderful, but I found she looks much better in glasses. I mainly love Leonie because she is very good quality and has great hair that is fun to style and very durable. I got my Leonie doll a while ago and she's amazing. I also got her secondhand without a scratch on her. I love Leonie and I recommend her.

Awesome doll

February 28, 2016


I think Leonie is a awesome doll because she is a pretty doll. Her outfits are really really pretty.

leonie is from old historic quebec

January 10, 2016


leonie is very fashionable and cute

Leonie is amazing

November 28, 2015


She is so pretty, poseable and I have yet to find an outfit she doesn't look amazing in. She was my birthday present this year and I was not disappointed. I will definitely be buying more Maplelea dolls in the future - the quality is top notch.

Needs more than 5 stars!

October 23, 2015


Leonie is an incredibly beautiful doll. Her hair is thick and shiny, and a delight to brush and style. She has lovely features and realistic eyes. I really like her meet outfit as it's stylish and great quality. My daughter has spent hours reading Leonie's journal and has learned a lot. The journal is very nicely designed, written, and illustrated. We had purchased a cheaper brand doll before we found out about Maplelea, but her hair just did not stand up to even careful brushing and styling and became a matted mess within a few months. This doll really is heirloom quality! Easily worth the price since she'll last (her hair too!). We store Leonie's clothes and accessories in the beautiful, sturdy box she arrived in.

Very pretty

October 6, 2015


I purchased as a gift for my grand daughter and I can't wait for her to open it. She is a very pretty doll and I am very pleased with the quality of Maplelea products in general.

love this doll, needs more things, also very expensif

September 19, 2015


I love my doll, but I really don't have anything for her because its very expensif! Also maybe add in some new things please! Thanks!!

Leonie is gorgeous

September 2, 2015


Leonie is my first Maplelea girl and I was not disappointed.
I think her face mold is the sweetest of all the girls, and that is mostly why I chose her to be my first. Her welcome outfit is also very pretty.
I love how the hands can hold things, I was astonished that they actually did hold things. It would be great if the elbows were jointed or slightly bent though.
She has beautiful soft hair, I love to brush it.
I am impressed with her standing/balancing ability, it takes very little effort when she has shoes on to stand her up on level surfaces.
The box she arrives in is amazing, very sturdy (it made it to Australia without any problem or damage.
I do like the idea of the folder that comes with all the girls, and extra pages of information with accessories, alot of effort has gone into this doll line and I am very impressed.

She is Beutiful!

August 28, 2015


She is so beutiful, her face is so detailed and love her eyes and hair!

Her story is great for girls and she is just amzing Overall!

Beautiful Leonie

August 23, 2015


I bought my 3rd doll Leonie at age 9. She has a beautiful face and her beautiful hair really keeps my attention! She's very adorable. If I gave her a rate it would be 5+++++! I'd really recommend her! She plays guitar and the flute. She plays hockey and enjoys going biking with her friends and family. Grace, Daisy and Julie were the last 2 dolls that I had. Grace was a my american girl, Julie a historical character,and finally Daisy a our generation doll. So in totall, Leonie has 3 friends!

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