KMF9 Maplelea Friend with long dark brown hair with bangs, medium-light skin, brown almond-shaped eyes

KMF9 Maplelea Friend with long dark brown hair with bangs, medium-light skin, brown almond-shaped eyes

Item #KMF9

Your Maplelea Friend comes dressed in a cute graphic tee and a corduroy skirt, striped footless tights and silver shoes with a cut-out maple leaf detail.


Like all Maplelea dolls, she is of premium quality, 46cm (18 inches) tall, with a soft, huggable body and poseable arms and legs. Her eyes open and close.


She arrives in a beautiful, keepsake storage box that you can use to keep all her treasures.


The journal accompanying your Maplelea Friend provides 32 pages of prompts, questions and blanks to help you create her story. There are also 32 pages in the journal for you to tell your story! 


  • doll
  • graphic tee
  • corduroy skirt with pockets
  • striped footless tights
  • shoes with mapleleaf cut-out
  • story journal
  • keepsake storage box

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Exceeded my expectations!

January 4, 2017


This is my first Maplelea doll AND my first 18" doll, and it's absolutely gorgeous. I was able to get her at the Maplelea pop-up store in Yorkdale while on vacation, and the experience of being there in person was very nice as well. The staff member was super friendly and truly made me feel comfortable buying the doll (a real concern for me because I felt embarrassed buying a doll at my age - not to collect, but to legitimately dress up and just have a fun time with). She was very kind, and I went home with it happier than I've been ages.

After my hurried unboxing (I was very excited) I was even more stunned by how lovely this doll is in person. The long, black hair is shiny and stays in place very easily, and is convenient for styling. The bangs are also very nice and textured. Her face is sweet, and her eyes are a medium/dark chocolately brown. The outfit she came with was cute as well, even without the skirt (which is lined, by the way!) I generally keep the skirt off, though - It makes it easier for her to sit down. Lastly, the shoes are cute little flats which fit her feet perfectly.

For the doll herself (whom I ended up naming Yuki), she is made of very sturdy vinyl. I dropped her once already on a hard table and she was completely fine. Her soft-body is soft enough to hug, but also tough and durable. One cool feature is that she can actually hold her own hands, and it gives a very endearing and modest look to the doll. She can also sit very easily, and has little problems balancing on her own.

All in all, this is an adorable doll and I recommend it to anyone who's debating buying it! It was a huge hit with all my family members as well - I'm from Chinese + Japanese descent and my great-aunts absolutely adored the doll, saying it reminded them of me and of themselves when they were younger. It's very, very cute, and if you like how she looks in the pictures she looks even better in real life :)


July 4, 2016

Maplelea fan

This doll is very pretty. I love the look on her face. If I got her, I think I would name her Morgan. She looks like a Morgan.

Great dolls

September 26, 2015


These dolls are great! But I wish you had accessories to make a doll into a special needs girl.

It would also be nice to choose an outfit for the Maplelea friends, instead of getting a generic outfit.

Thank you

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