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When Jenna is on the go (which is always!) she likes to wear clothes that won't hold her back. She can go anywhere in this three colour t-shirt with Maplelea logo and comfortable pants. Socks and funky blue sneakers make her feet move fast. Her red hair is held in two long ponytails with coordinating hair elastics.


This premium quality doll is 46cm (18 inches) tall with a soft, huggable body and poseable arms and legs. Her eyes open and close.


Jenna's six-ring expandable 64-page story journal has 32 pages that are written and illustrated by her, and 32 pages with questions, prompts and blanks for you to write in! (And then, the whole journal is repeated in French).


The doll and journal arrive in a beautiful, sturdy keepsake storage box that you can use to hold all Jenna's accessories.

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  • Jenna doll
  • t-shirt
  • pants
  • socks
  • sneakers
  • two hair elastics
  • story journal
  • keepsake storage box

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February 5, 2017


I love Jenna and she's a great doll! I have the same hair as her.

Lovely, sweet Jenna!!

January 30, 2017


I love Jenna!! She's beautiful, happy and very charming!! After I got Jenna, I met so many nice people from Lunenburg and heard so many amazing stories from that place! It really made me want to visit Nova Scotia!! Jenna is more than a doll to me. She represents the amazing place she comes from and the amazing people who live there. I didn't know Nova Scotia, but now it's a special place I would like to visit. And Jenna is too much adorable!! I love her so much!!


December 29, 2016


Very good doll! I have her and she is beautiful. Love her super cute clothes. I've had her for 6 years and she is still perfect. I love her so much and I recommend her. I love her beautiful red hair.


October 5, 2016


Jenna is very pretty and I like her outfit because it comes with socks.


September 23, 2016


My daughter picked out Jenna because she loved her spunky and sporty personality, since my daughter is very athletic too. Jenna is an incredibly beautiful doll. I love her dimples! Her face is so sweet looking, the pictures really don't do her justice; she looks even way cuter in real. Her hair is lovely and great quality, and her green eyes really stand out. Her meet outfit isn't the most stylish, but we bought a few cute outfits for her. Jenna has quickly become a treasured member of our family!

Super Cute

June 6, 2016


Jenna was the first doll I ever got. She has gorgeous sharp-green eyes that bring all the attention to her. So does her fiery red hair. Her hair quality is good.... Although it does eventually get frizzy. If this does happen, I recommend drenching her hair in water, and straightening it on the lowest heat. She also would look a lot cuter without bangs. Her meet outfit reflects her personality well, while it is kind of bland. She could use a headband and some different shoes. Overall, Jenna is a sweet doll. I totally recommend her!

love it

May 7, 2016


I recommended buying the doll to my grandpa for my sister for christmas.When she opened the box,she was so happy as she had been wanting the doll for so long!!!!!!! She has had the doll for 2 years now and is alweys buying stuff for her. I have Taryn and love her a lot. Recommended for small people!!!!!!!


May 1, 2016


I love Jenna ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

She rocks

March 27, 2016

Emma Tobias

At first before i wanted Le'onie I wanted Jenna because she likes pretty much every sport.


March 13, 2016


So we purchased Jenna when my Jenna went to University and my daughter Janelle was missing her. She is a very good quality doll. Her hair is great to work with. Would recommend.

Jenna is great!

March 9, 2016


Jenna is a a super awesome doll. Her hair holds up very well frizz-wise, and her green eyes are simply amazing. I got her a year ago and she is still in super great condition.


January 17, 2016


I recommend this doll it is gorgeous

good quality

December 6, 2015

Maplelea fan 749

The Jenna doll is very good quality and is very detailed. However the hair does frizz up after a couple of years. But otherwise its great!

she's lovely

October 31, 2015


Jenna is a beautiful doll! Her hair is thick and lovely to brush. She is a top-notch quality doll. I wish her eyes were a little more of a realistic colour of green though. They are a nice green, but a bit too bright to be realistic. Her journal is colourfully illustrated, thoughtfully planned out, and interesting to read. I love Jenna's spunky personality. I gave her only 4 stars, because though her meet outfit is of good quality, I find it a bit boring and unstylish. I know it's supposed to reflect her sporty personality, but I think she could use a make-over like Brianne got! She could be sporty AND stylish.

I like Jenna because she is active

October 15, 2015


I like jenna besause she is pretty and active and she is kind i like the colour of your hair and green eyes I like run like the wind soccer supreme flash dash I like that Jenna listens well in class

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