Criss Cross Sandals

Criss Cross Sandals

Item #KM16

White sandals to go with all your summer outfits! Also comes with a collectible journal page with a fun criss cross quiz and a blank journal page.


  • white sandals
  • collectible journal page
  • blank journal page

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Pros and Cons of Criss Cross Sanadals

October 16, 2016


These cute little sandals arrived in a bright blue box definately worth keeping. They are white and the most adorable things I've ever seen! The sandals look very realistic and have quality that is quite hard to find, nowadays. The sandals fit well but the velcro area is already folded, so they are hard to make smaller as the velcro strap just goes back to where it started, so it doesn't really adjust to the doll's foot size. This is a pity as the sandals are a little loose on the Maplelea doll's foot and if you yank on them, they'll fall off. So not the best shoes for traveling or doing something in a hurry. Sneakers are better for that. Nontheless, they are great summer shoes, match with everything, and are just great!

very good

November 21, 2015


amazing fit perectly with any 18 inch doll

Love them

November 3, 2015


I really like these shoes but the price doesn't seem to fit with what's included. But i got them anyway :)

great fit

October 20, 2015


These sandals are detailed and realistic looking. They fit well and stay on the dolls' feet nicely. Good quality as expected from Maplelea. Highly recommended.

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