Chinook Brianne's Welsh Pony

Chinook Brianne's Welsh Pony

Item #KB14

Brianne's Welsh pony, Chinook, has galloped onto the scene. He is made of super soft plush, and he can be posed! He comes with a beautiful leather-like saddle, a bridle and a saddle blanket. Chinook's posing ability is done by means of a jointed plastic "skeleton" inside the soft plush body. The head, legs and tail can all be bent to create different poses.


Chinook measures 42 cms (16.5 inches) from the top of his head to the ground, and 52 cms (20.5 inches) from the nose to the rump.


  • pony
  • saddle
  • bridle
  • saddle blanket
  • collectible journal page
  • blank journal page

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Amazing! So detailed!

December 24, 2016


I ride horses, and I am so impressed with how realistic Chinook is. I love Chinook, and I play with her everyday. I'd definitely recommend Chinook as a Christmas gift. I got Chinook a few Christmases ago, and have loved her ever since. I am hopefully getting Champlain this Christmas! I love Maplelea's horse line!


August 6, 2016


Its amazing how Chinook can be posed. Its great for stop motion videos. I like how he is soft and cozy. 5 stars!:)

My daughter is so in love!

January 8, 2016


Chinook is beautiful and beautifully made! Definitely well worth the money! My daughter was so excited when she opened the box and saw Chinook! Thank you!

I love Maplelea a lot

December 26, 2015


I will take it for anything.

Now your dolls wi

December 21, 2015


With Chinook BrIanne's Welsh pony you will have hours of fun. Your doll will also have lots of fun riding Chinook.


October 23, 2015


I really think its cool that you can actually shape and pose how the horse is standing! This and Brianne are your best products ever!!!!!!

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