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Charlsea loves all things crafty, quirky…and colourful! Her cut-off jeans, patterned tights, yellow hairband, and home-made tie-dyed shirt show off her free spirit and fun personality.  And don’t be surprised if you see her wearing her favourite pink rain boots even when it’s not raining. They come in handy as she explores her home of Salt Spring Island, a part of the “Wet Coast” of British Columbia.  Charlsea has long auburn hair and eyes that are blue-grey, just like the Pacific Ocean!  


Charlsea’s six-ring expandable 64-page story journal has 32 pages written and illustrated by her, and 32 pages with questions, prompts and blanks for you to write in. Charlsea’s journal includes both English and French versions.  


The doll and journal arrive in a beautiful, sturdy, keepsake storage box that you can use to hold Charlsea’s accessories. This premium quality doll is 46cm (18”) tall, with a soft, huggable body and eyes that open and close.


Extensive research went into the creation of Charlsea. Visit The Making of Charlsea page to learn more about the process of developing our Maplelea Girl from the West Coast!


Meet Charlsea >


  • Charlsea doll
  • tie-dyed shirt
  • cut-off jean shorts
  • patterned tights
  • hairband
  • rain boots
  • story journal
  • keepsake storage box

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February 12, 2017


Totally amazing doll! Super cute! Since one million stars wasn't an option I choose 5, but if there was an option for one million I would have chosen that!

I love Charlsea so much!!

January 30, 2017


I got Charlsea as a Christmas gift the year she was released. She's so much special to me!! The doll is too beautiful!! Her hair is so soft and shiny, with a beautiful color! Her eyes are so beautiful! Her face expression is adorable! I love that she has a new face mold and is very unique! Her outfit is more than special! It's really too well-made and extremely beautiful! Charlsea is gorgeous, and I love her so much!!!


December 29, 2016


I love her so much! Her hair is a beautiful pumpkin pie color and her outfit is amazing. She is beautiful.


December 29, 2016


What a beautiful doll! Her hair is so beautiful and I love her funky leggings and her awesome shirt. I recommend her.


December 29, 2016


What a nice doll, she is beautiful. I love her tie dye shirt and funky leggings. I 100 percent give it five stars!

Beautiful doll & story!

December 26, 2016


Charlsea is amazing! Quality doll, lovely accessories and I just love Maplelea stories... the journal is an AWESOME highlight.

Because I love to write about her.

December 20, 2016


I love Charlsea! I have her. She is very cute. She is AWESOME!

Cute, but hair not the color described.

October 3, 2016


I was a bit disappointed, as the hair is NOT auburn. It is more like dark ash blonde with red highlights. But it seems to be good quality and is very cute.


September 2, 2016

Vapoureon is awesome

Charlsea is an amazing doll. Her hair is so easy to take care of and her outfit is really good quality. She also looks good in many different outfits.

Charlsea is adorable!

August 6, 2016


I love love love love love love love love love love Charlsea. She is such a nice doll to play with. Plus, my Maplelea friend; Luna has a friend.( KMF22) Jenna, Alexi, Salia, Brianne and Taryn also have a friend too!:)


July 27, 2016


I love Charlsea. She is such a nice doll.


July 26, 2016

mapelea is awesome

Love her but sadly I haven't gotten her yet. Canadian dolls are awesome.

great 18inch doll, same quality as an ag doll!

July 15, 2016


i love that maplelea is so much cheaper than ag yet has the same quality as the dolls its definitely a 5 star review. i also like they come with hairnets and a very nice box with a journal that tells you all about the place she is from and learning about canada's history.

Pretty great

July 5, 2016

Miss taco lady

The doll and the clothes are really well made but the hair comes out a bit when you first get the doll

Awesome doll!

May 23, 2016


I love her! I think I might get her to keep Brianne company or a Maplelea friend. 5 stars!

Best doll EVER!

March 20, 2016

Banana bread

Charlsea is so cute I can't wait to open her on my birthday! Her face is so realistic and her outfit is so unique! She's much better than the American girl dolls. My sister has an American girl and a maplelea and she loves the maplelea doll SO much more. I give all maplelea dolls not just Charlsea 5 stars for quality and 5 stars for play appeal for all ages.


March 16, 2016


She is a great addition to our Maplea family. Great quality. Her hair is great to work with.

Pros and Cons of Charlsea doll

March 6, 2016


When Charlsea arrived, she was quite tightly strapped into the box. Around the box was a piece of poster board (which you can see in the second photo). It was very nice but quite hard to get on and off and the back where it clips together broke...but very easily fixed by some tape. The box itself is made out of a hard, sturdy, material that won't be breaking in a hurry.

Charlsea's hair is not as long as the other Maplelea Girls' hair. It is about up to 3/4 of her back, where the other dolls' is up to the bottom of their rump. He hair is not auburn, but more golden brown (light brown with golden streaks). It's extremely pretty and matches my hair exactly. Although, her hair is the same in length, around the face there are a few pieces that are the length of her face and curl inwards...a bit like a pageboy style cut. At the ends of her usual hair, sometimes it curls inwards but most of the time's outwards, but when you tie it up into a ponytail, it curls inwards. A bit strange.

Her skin is very light. On her face, she has painted in eyebrows that look very much like real eyebrows. Her skin is pinkish on her cheeks...but it doesn't look like she's blushing. Her eyes are the same length apart as most people's. Her beautiful eyes are a sea blue and she has long, light brown eyelashes that are a perfect length. Her lips are a pinkish colour. Her mouth is curled up into a friendly smile, like all the other Maplelea dolls'. Personally, I loathe the dolls with the teeth sticking out...American girl dolls.... because it makes them look slightly like vampires and very creepy.

Her head is attached to her neck and the her body is cloth, but filled with something that is strong, yet huggable. She had no creases or folds where the material meets the neck, therefore, wide necked clothes fit like a gem. Her hands are again vinyl, like her face, neck, and legs, but are long and slender. They are slightly bent, but each arm in their different way. Her hands snap together (a detail which I love) and hold the headband she comes with. Her legs are long. I love it how you can actually see the knees. Her feet are quite long, but fit Maplelea shoes perfectly.

The headband she comes with is plastic. It's yellow and shiny, but has little teeth to have good grip. It doesn't stick very well though, because she has a side part and it looks odd when you pull it from the front to the middle. Therefore, I recommend just sticking it in at the middle. Though, I took Charlsea for a walk and the headband fell right off and I couldn't find it.

The t-shirt is tie-dyed with yellow and blue, and at parts were it meets, you can see a sea green edge. It is beautiful, and has velcro at the back to keep it together. The shorts are denim blue and have light brown stitching. You can actually put things in the shorts, but Charlsea's hands are too long to put inside. You open and close the pants with velcro at the front where on normal jeans, the button and zipper are. At the back there is elastic to stretch it.

The tights are beautiful... yellow, blue, green, and pink. Each leg has different designs. The designs stop at 3/4 of the thigh and the top part is just yellow. The pink rain boots are wonderful, I'd wear a pair to jump into puddles if the came in my size. They are really rain boots and she can stand in water with them and her feet don't get wet and the boots don't get ruined!

The journal is wonderful, a lovely addition to the doll. I won't talk about it, because I wouldn't want to ruin it for you. I can't believe she lives on Salt Spring Island! I am going to go there in August to go and search for fairy doors on Mount Erskine to see if I can spot any there, like Charlsea does in her journal.

Thank you Maplelea.

Charlsea-Great Doll!

February 16, 2016


I really love Charlsea! as some people may think, she does not look at all like Taryn-I have both dolls and they are really unique. I love her personality and she came in great quality-plus, her hair is very easy to manage!

Love her!

February 16, 2016


She is awesome! I really want her!

i love charelsea.i play with carelsea and taryn a lot.

February 14, 2016


Charlsea is a awesome doll!!!

Wishing for Charlsea

January 23, 2016


I have 10 dolls but I really hope I get Charlsea. She is so pretty and I love her style of clothing and her tie-dye t shirt that she comes in. My birthdays in July so I have 5 months to wait and see if I get her for my birthday. I got a new American Girl (Grace Thomas, the girl of the year 2015) for Christmas, but I have 2 Maplelea dolls- Brianne and Jenna - and I think they are better quality than AG.


January 18, 2016


I love my doll Charlsea! Her hair colour is so unique and I love her style. I am very happy I bought this doll!

Beautiful Charlsea

January 2, 2016

Mama in Gatineau

Bought my daughter this doll for Christmas. My daughter loves her doll instantly. Charlsea is a beautiful doll with great and colourful style. Also the quality of the doll, the outfit and the bogs is oh so amazing.


December 27, 2015


Charlsea will be beautiful when she eventually arrives...was sold out for most of December. Her owner and sisters will be awaiting her arrival well into January. Beautiful, well made dolls but sadly lacking Christmas delivery.

Gorgeous and Worth Every Cent

December 22, 2015


I bought Charlsea as my first Maplelea doll because she's a BC girl like me! Every detail of her story is very well thought out and they have given her a rich backstory full of many amazing details that make her seem more real.

The doll itself is gorgeous - sturdy, well made, with beautiful hair and lovely blue eyes. She is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Very Happy with Charlesea

December 19, 2015

Bears Around Town

Charlesea is the 2nd Doll I purchased. Saila was the first. When she arrived I was again delighted. Another wonderful character, She has a bright, mischievous, playfulness about her, Very distinctly different from Taryn (A friend of mine has Taryn). Great journals accompany each doll - such fun to add things and adventures into them.

Cute cool crazy amazing

December 1, 2015


I soooo want her and I'm so glad saltspring has a doll it's great !!!

so cool

November 21, 2015


i hope i get it for christmas.l really really really really really really really want her so bad.she so cool.i love her style.and that she loves to explore like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love her

November 12, 2015


ia am going to buy her with the money I got for my birthday! I also have leone that I got for Christmas last year and I love her

i love her

November 12, 2015


ia am going to buy her with the money I got for my birthday! I also have leone that I got for Christmas last year and I love her

She is amazing I am getting her

November 8, 2015


She is amazing I am getting her !


November 1, 2015

Charlsea fan

Charlsea is beautifully made, and is very gorgeous. She comes in a funky outfit, and (as you can probably see) is very colourful. Her journal is very interesting, plus it tells you a lot of things about her part of Canada, Salt Spring Island. I love Charlsea's beautiful ocean blue eyes, as well as her hair colour. I also like that she is so unique from all of the other Maplelea girls. I definitely give Charlsea 5 stars easily!

shes amazing

October 30, 2015

I love horses

I ordered her she hasn't come in yet but I can't wait!


October 29, 2015

I love horses

she is very cool


October 29, 2015

I love horses

I think shes awsome. havent got her yet but i saw her in the catalog and ordered her

Beautiful doll!

October 15, 2015


Charlsea is beautiful! Her face and eyes look so realistic, and her starter outfit is adorable and well made. The only reason I am giving her 4 stars instead of 5 is that her hair is not evenly cut - it's longer on one side and not evenly layered. I will take her along to the hairdresser next time, it's easily fixable to trim the one side.

Great Doll!!!!

October 13, 2015


Great doll maplelea!I love her,she is so beatiful and detailed!
I got her a few days ago,and was so excited to see her!
I had trouble getting her headband on though,
because it is plastic.Overall Great Doll!

I'm sold!

October 6, 2015


I ordered Charlsea with some apprehension. I collect American Girl dolls and have a large number of them. I wondered if she would be as nice as my other dolls, but when I opened the parcel today I knew immediately it had been a good choice to order from Maplelea. This doll is very pretty and very good quality. The clothing is made of nice fabrics and I could not be happier with my purchase.

Gorgeous doll, I love her!

October 6, 2015


Charlsea is beautiful! Her hair is such high quality and her features are gorgeous. I live in the united states, and she is my first Maplelea doll, while I have 8 American girl dolls- and I must say, she is much better quality! She has no neck strings, which is nice, because it makes it easier to dress her. Her limbs and artfully crafted and I love that the hands snap together! I wish the American Girl hands did that. Her face is also SO much more realistic! She is incredible.

Love the Outfit

September 27, 2015


The outfit is amazing and I would buy her, but the hands are just in a weird position and it makes it hard for the dolls to hold on to anything. Also, the face does not look very realistic. The eyelashes are abnormally long and the distance between the eyes also seems big. The outfit is so amazingly detailed and cute that I might just buy her anyway.


September 25, 2015


Charlsea and her accessories are awesome.

The quality is amazing and the attention to detail is wonderful.

Charlsea and her accessories are 5 stars easily.

I AM A FAN !!!!!!!

September 21, 2015


I love the new doll I think she is amazing I always wear my bogs so does she and her styal is amazing lol gust like me

She's so cute

September 16, 2015

The durpy skye

I love Charles she's cute I'm getting her tomorrow so excited. I love all her accessories their awesome. I really don't like how she looks so much t
Like taryen but she's still a good doll.


September 13, 2015

Mya age 11

she is soo adorable but kmf7 is cuter

She is soo pretty

September 13, 2015


Charlsea is really pretty she and the other 15 new dolls have al different faces then the other ones that's what I likes about her

i am so excited

September 11, 2015

I Love Dolls

I am very excited because I am getting Charlsea
she looks wonderful I love her already

Why are so many "Maplelea Girls" of European descent?

September 11, 2015

Tracey TieF

My daughter adores Leonie, and we were hoping that the new doll would be of South Asian, African, First Nations, Carribbean or East Asian descent. Why are so many "Maplelea Girls" of European descent? Canada is diverse.

Charlsea is adorable!!!

September 4, 2015


I got her yesterday and I was so pleased with her. I love her t shirt she comes in. And when I was opening her, even my boyfriend got excited about opening the packaging and comparing her to an AG doll I have.

Her journal is super detailed too and I learned lots about Salt Spring Island.

Smiling Girls

September 3, 2015


My girls are so happy with their Charlsea dolls. They have introduced her to all of the other Maplelea girls that live in our house ( total of 8 now ). I'm so thankful for your company that helps to keep girls from growing up to fast. The smiles and giggles that fill our house during day while they enjoy your products are priceless.

She's so awesome

September 2, 2015


I love her! I want to buy her

How much i love the new stuff + more

August 30, 2015


I love Charlsea and all the new stuff that I can not wait until Christmas! And if I got Charlsea I would call her Charchar! I think that Charlsea is like a mixture of Tayrn and L'eonie and I like that!I would suggest a mapalelea that does dane that is a girl like that has brown hair and blond streaks so shes a little different! Thanks for Listening!

Pretty good.

August 29, 2015

Doll -Lover

I like Charlsea's personality, style and accessories, but she looks very similar to Taryn.

Disappointed that Maplelea missed an opportunity.

August 29, 2015


Having a doll from the west coast was the perfect opportunity for Maplelea to show diversity in its collection. The west coast has a number of vibrant Asian communities which reflect Canada's multicultural make-up. BC is also home to many First Nations people and Maplelea could have easily found inspiration for a new doll from one of the many communities. Instead, Charlsea is another ho-hum white girl. Maplelea cannot possibly pretend that it's dolls are "Canadian Dolls for Canadian Girls" when girls of colour cannot see themselves in the dolls.

I love how Charlsea is unique!

August 29, 2015


I love her hair colour!!! She looks unique from all the other Maplelea dolls!! I love that maplelea introduced a new doll!


August 29, 2015


Really thought that this doll from BC would represent the Chinese culture that is so prevalent here. It would be very educational for my grand-daughter just like Saila does. It turns out it's just another doll. Had it been a Chinese doll I would've purchased it, but can't get excited about the new one now.

Great Addition to the collection

August 28, 2015

Grandma Rhonda

I'm so excited to see this addition to the Canadian line. She is perfect for my island granddaughter! She even has matching hair - colour AND style!!! Congrats on a great choice.

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