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Our President Kathryn Gallagher Morton.

  • A Letter From Our President

    A thank-you from our President.

  • Standing Strong with Fort McMurray

    Thank-you to those who have generously supported Save the Children Canada and the families impacted by the fires in Fort McMurray through this initiative. This program has now ended, however if you are interested in donating directly to this cause, please visit

    Show Your Canadian Pride, Show Your Support

    Dear Maplelea Fans,

    The devastating wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta and the generous response from Canadians who continue to donate their time and money to the relief effort has been truly overwhelming to witness.  As the fires move east to Saskatchewan, the displacement of families continues and the rebuilding of infrastructure and lives has only just begun. For children, this time of upheaval and uncertainty is particularly challenging, and our hearts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

    As a Canadian company dedicated to celebrating and empowering Canada’s children, Maplelea would like to do its part by donating 25% of all revenues received from sales of our Canadian-themed girl and doll clothing from May 20-26, 2016, to Save The Children Canada*. This trusted charitable organization has a long history of providing funding and relief to children and families in Canadian communities and across the world. In addition to providing essential materials and supplies for families with babies and young children affected by the fires, Save the Children is operating multiple Child Friendly Spaces in Edmonton.  These spaces provide a sense of normalcy and community, when everything familiar has been disrupted and potentially lost. You can learn more about their efforts in Alberta at

    From our Maplelea family to yours, we wish you a safe and happy Victoria Day weekend.


    Kathryn Gallagher Morton
    President, Maplelea

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    * Maplelea will donate 25% of all revenues received from sales of the following 4 items from May 20-26, 2016 to Save the Children Canada to support children affected by the Fort McMurray fire: Canada Day Shirt for Girls, Canada Day Outfit for Dolls, Strong and Free Hoodie for Girls (both red and white), and Strong and Free Outfit for Dolls. A tax receipt will not be provided for the purpose of tax deductions. For more information on Save the Children and their response to the Fort McMurray fires, visit


    Chers fans de Maplelea,

    Les feux de forêts dévastateurs de Fort McMurray en Alberta ont su toucher le cœur des canadiens qui ont donné et qui continuent de donner généreusement de leur temps et de leur argent pour venir en aide à ces familles durement éprouvées.  Toute une région dévastée à reconstruire, des familles à relocaliser et sans oublier les enfants qui sont inquiets de ce qui les attend. Nos pensées vont directement à tous ceux qui sont touchés par cette tragédie.

    En tant que compagnie canadienne qui encourage et prône  le bien-être des enfants, Maplelea donnera généreusement 25% du montant des ventes pour sauver les enfants de Fort McMurray à travers un organisme charitable appelé Save The Children Canada. Cet organisme est reconnu pour venir en aide aux enfants et aux familles du Canada et dans le monde. En plus de fournir des effets essentiels pour les familles ayant de jeunes enfants,  Save The Children opère plusieurs endroits pour les familles à Edmonton. Ces endroits permettent aux familles démunies et affligées par des épreuves de se reprendre en main et repartir du bon pied. Pour en savoir plus, consultez le


    Kathryn Gallagher Morton
    Présidente Maplelea

    Magasine pour vêtements Canada maintenant >

    Afin de venir en aide aux familles affligées par les feux de forêt dévastateurs de Fort McMurray, Maplelea donnera 25%  du montant des ventes durant 20 au 26 mai, à l’organisme Save The Children Canada sur les 4 items suivants : chandail de la fête du Canada pour jeunes filles, tenue de la fête du canada pour poupées, chandail fièrement canadienne pour filles et tenue fièrement canadienne pour poupées.  À noter qu’il n’y aura pas de reçu d’impôt d’émis. Pour plus d’information sur l’organisme Save The Children Canada et leur implication pour aider la cause de Fort McMurray, visitez le visit

  • A Word From Our President

    As the holidays approach, our Maplelea office and fulfillment centre in Newmarket, ON is a veritable hub of activity. During this, our busiest time of year, I want to pause to remember and acknowledge why I started the Maplelea brand 13 years ago. It was for Canadian parents who, like me, want to provide our children with age-appropriate toys that promote creative play and active lifestyles, while fostering a love for all things Canadian. Just as important, it was to provide Canadian children with a playmate whose story inspires them to explore and celebrate their own unique interests and experiences. Every year we are working to build on this mandate and expand our product offering, developing an array of high quality and uniquely Canadian-themed products that meet the needs of our discerning customers from coast to coast to coast.  This year brought us Charlsea, a creative free spirit from the Gulf Islands of BC. We also launched 15 new Maplelea Friends dolls, and our first ever Maplelea seasonal store. It’s been quite a whirlwind, but we are pleased that all of these initiatives have been enthusiastically embraced by Canadians.  We are excited to dive into 2016, and to introduce even more new products and offerings that celebrate our unique Canadian style and the national pride we feel.   We love receiving your letters, emails, photos, and social media posts that share how Maplelea has become such a meaningful part of your loved-one’s formative years.  Your feedback and ideas are important to us, as they help us to create a product line that truly reflects our shared Canadian preferences and values.  We encourage you to keep in touch through Facebook, Twitter, or reach out to us on our website.  Your support of our Canadian company ripples through the Canadian economy and makes us all stronger, so from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.  Wishing you an adventurous and fun-filled holiday!  Kathryn Gallagher Morton BSW MBA President, Maplelea

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